E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne
E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne
E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne
E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne

Choosing the Right Surface

E.T Richards also specialise in the construction of synthetic grass tennis courts on a scoria base or concrete slab. We highly recommend the base of an artificial grass tennis court to be built with a scoria base which is the same as the base of a red porous tennis court. The grass is then laid over the top of the scoria base. THE BASE WILL NOT MOVE as some might advise. The base of a red porous tennis court does not move!! This method allows superior drainage and a gentler fall on the surface. The carpet is perforated and allows for drainage which means the carpet does not get water logged as it does on a concrete slab. The artificial grass comes in different colours and can be filled with white, green or red sand or a mixture.


The most important decision for a customer to make is choosing the court surface which suits their individual requirements & budget

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and economical

There are a number of factors to take into consideration, including bounce, ball speed, playing style, whether you prefer to replicate the performance of clay, grass, hard court or indoor carpet, the physical location of your court as well as the available budget. Other factors such as climate and ongoing maintenance should not be overlooked. ET Richards installs synthetic grass and naturally-derived mineral courts(so-called “clay” courts). The E.T Richard’s Team is happy to discuss your personal requirements and recommend a tennis court or other sports surface to suit your particular situation.


Synthetic grass courts are made of polypropylene or polyethylene yarn or fibres, which are partly filled with specially graded sand, and are typically laid over an asphalt or reinforced concrete base. They tend to play at a medium pace, have a high durability and are low maintenance. Synthetic grass courts are popular because they have the look and feel of natural grass, with good traction and shock absorption helping to prevent injury, require no watering and can be played on in all weather. Synthetic grass surfaces are available in a wide range of colours or colour combinations. They are suitable for both private and commercial use. Most synthetic grass courts will provide in excess of 10 years of commercial intensity play before needing replacement.

Synthetic grass playing surfaces have become Australia's most preferred tennis surface- providing a visually attractive court, all weather usage, high standard of performance and minimal maintenance. Working closely with the synthetic grass industry many innovative surfaces and products have been installed and tested by our client base. State of the art surfaces are installed on various sub grades. Primarily a concrete or asphalt base, however conversions from En Tout Cas surfaces are easily carried out using a porous grass to enhance the excellent vertically draining surface.

  • Various products are available in Synthetic grass, each providing a different playing and longevity characteristic.
  • Pile heights, styles and weights vary and are designed to perform to expected usage.
  • Line markings are "factory tufted in" to the grass carpet, thus elimination the requirement to cut into the grass carpet.
  • Special adhesives are used to join the grass.
  • Once the grass has been laid a silica sand is groomed into the carpet to provide the final playing characteristics.
  • Speed of play is determined by the quality and size of the sand particles.
  • Green sand may be used to visually enhance the appearance of the court.

Synthetic Grass tennis surfaces are a convenient choice.
They offer great resilience; they are aesthetically pleasing and the ability to extend play for hours, even shortly after a heavy downpour.

It is a well-known fact that a tennis court is an asset that adds value to your home or commercial centre and it is our aim to provide high quality surfaces that you ‘want’ to play on, resulting in years of personal enjoyment for both the novice and the competitive player.

When selecting your surface you should ascertain the type of play you require. Courts with more sand tend to be slower (particularly when dry). During dry weather sand is prone to loosen and come to the surface. Shorter denser pile products such as Grandprix and Protour tend to be quicker as the ball is coming off the grass rather than the sand.

There have been significant technological advancements in the plastics and manufacturing processes over the past seven years. This has resulted in the design and manufacture of a new generation of tennis products and without doubt, Australia is at the forefront with research and development of synthetic grass across the entire sporting spectrum.

All of our tennis courts are made-to-order with integrated line marking in a kit format to reduce seaming and are designed to allow play on the fibre tips not the sand infill. Our tennis court surfaces require a settling in period during which the sand should compact just below the top of the yarn blade and should be maintained at this level for the life of the court.

If additional sports are to be incorporated then these lines are manufactured in co-ordinating colours and cut in.

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