E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne
E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne
E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne
E T Richards & Sons Tennis Court  Construction& Repair Melbourne

Who Are We?

The ET Richards family company has been building tennis courts for three generations

We have built tennis courts from 1929 onwards and worked together with enthusiasm and harmony because of our mutual interest in tennis. We have always been experimenting with different types of surfaces. The best value surface has always been a red- porous court. The problem with the early courts was that they were designed using material which was not specially made for tennis courts..

Over the last 30 years we have developed a superbly drained all weather surface which plays the way the original clay courts played but has a lower upkeep requirement.

One of the advantages we have developed and advantage over our competitors based upon the quality and low maintenance aspect of our specialised red porous surface. We understand what is important in the game of tennis and what can ensure that your tennis court fulfils your needs.

We have over the many years of our experience building tennis courts developed and fine-tuned our techniques and improved the quality of our courts.

Tennis Court Construction is our passion.

Why Choose Us?

ET Richards and their experienced team design and make all types of tennis courts to suit your requirements, specialising in Red Porous [Clay] courts, because of their durability, the quality of the finished court, and their all-weather surface.

Initial Consultation

We will personally meet with you in order to discuss options for your new Tennis Court Construction. Once a consensus has been reached, John will begin the planning and marking phase of your new Tennis Court Construction.

Building & Construction

Once the plans have been approved and completed, work will commence on your brand new Tennis Court. All staff members will be friendly and willing to answer any of your questions during the construction phase

Quick Construction Turn Around

The ET Richards team will endeavour to construct your Tennis Court as efficiently and productive as possible. This will allow you to be using your new court after a very short time once the settling in procedures have been completed.

Enjoy Your New Tennis Court

All phases of the construction cycle have now been complete. You are now free to use and enjoy your brand new Tennis Court. John will still remain in contact to check in with you regarding your court and is available for questions.


All the features needed in a high quality red porous court are found in the ET Richards product:


This surface allows players to maintain balance when moving. Players are able to utilize a controlled slide and change direction comfortably. Movement skills are enhanced automatically.


The ball bounces slower and higher requiring players to learn patience, the ability to hit the ball from shoulder height and above.


When the ball is hit with top spin it will lift off the surface, alternatively when hit with slice it will “stick” staying lower but not shoot as it does on other surfaces. Over time a wider range of shots and greater imagination is developed.


A sprinkler system is recommended as all clay courts need regular watering.

However, hand watering is not arduous as the court absorbs the water readily and retains it.

Rolling of the court is not required often after construction.

Simple bagging and line sweeping combined with watering is all that is needed to keep red porous court looking and playing beautifully.